Travel to Equatorial Guinea

Located in the west central part of the African continent, Equatorial Guinea consists of a peninsular region and some islands in the Gulf of Guinea. It is a country with a generous nature and hospitality where lovers of authenticity and adventure will find, in deep jungle, the reason for their existence. Poor tourist infrastructure has started seeing tourism path to it as a friend and not an enemy. The island region is formed by Bioko, with the country’s capital, Malabo, then Corisco Island and Elobeyes Annobón. In the continental coast, known for its beauty, we find Tika, Punta Mbonda, Bata, Mbini and Cogo. At the inside we can enjoy the National Park Mount Allen, Mbini River, which crosses the country from east to west, and in it’s journey numerous rapids are drawn, small waterfalls, and innumerable corners that give color to this wonderful country.

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